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Agency for regional development of the Rasina administrative district was founded in 2013. Its founders were the agencies of all six local self-governments of the Rasina administrative district- the city of Kruševac, municipalities of Trstenik, Aleksandrovac, Brus, Varvarin and Ćićevac.


The vision of the Agency is to become the key driver of development processes in the Rasina administrative district through creation and implementation of development strategies, projects and programs, by creating a district brand through partnership relations with all relevant factors of economic and social development.


The Agency’s mission is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Rasina administrative district as an area suitable for work, living, investment and business through raising the level of competitiveness of the whole region, by contributing to creation and implementation of local and regional strategic documents and by providing technical support for creation and implementation of domestic and international programs and projects.


The main objective of the Agency is to contribute to the improvement of socio-economic development and raising the standard of living in the Rasina region.

The Agency performs the duties in the field of regional development and providing support to business associations and entrepreneurs in the Rasina region.

The Agency performs the following activities:

defining the development priorities in the Rasina region

preparation and implementation of strategic development documents for the Rasina region and local self-governments and monitoring their implementation

preparation and realisation of development projects in the field of sustainable development of the Rasina region

preparation and realization of the projects in the field of development of business associations and entrepreneurship

providing conditions for access to and implementation of projects with national and international sources of funding (EU funds, USAID programs and donations and other development assistance funds)


preparation and implementation of professional development programs needed for the development of business associations and entrepreneurship, development of infrastructure and  institutions and organizations as well as for  the improvement of capacities of local self-governments

realisation of training programs for potential entrepreneurs, beginners in business, existing entrepreneurs and SME clusters, and for the development of youth entrepreneurship

implementation of programs and measures of support in the field of growth, development and raising the levels of  inventiveness and competitiveness in the SME sector

promoting and representing the interests of the Rasina region

cooperation between municipalities, regions, and international cooperation

collecting, processing and publishing the data of importance to  local self-governments and the Rasina region as a whole

services of providing business information.



Regional Development Agency of the Rasina administrative district

Address: Tanaska Rajića 18/3 Kruševac

Code of activity: 7022 – consultancy regarding business and other management forms

TAX ID: 108385333

Identification Number: 20988037

Telephone Number: +381 (0) 37 202-336

E-mail: office@arrro.rs

Bank Account: 205-203887-12 Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd

840-0000000841743-03 Treasury deposit box